A Night of Winter – by Jake Dardzinski

Hammond alerted Caldor of the visitor before the knocking began. He had just slipped into ethereal half-sleep when the fat bird fluttered onto his chest, pecking at his neck incessantly. He groaned and swatted at his companion, who ducked the calloused hand with ease. “Lemme sleep,” he grumbled, peeking at the raven perched atop him [...]


Fall Conventions!

Ivion will be at three major Northwest conventions this fall! Members of the team will be showing off the game with snazzy new cards and pieces. Stop by, and play a round! DRAGONFLIGHT AUGUST 25-27 25th: Table B | 3 p.m - 9 p.m 26th: Table C | 9 a.m - 11 a.m 27th: Table [...]

Specialization Reveal: Avatar

The world had turned gray, color draining from it much in the same way Oris’ lifeblood was draining from her. She gripped the large tree splinter in her side and pulled. The sensation of her insides becoming outsides would have been more unsettling if not for the adrenaline and unfathomable pain. “Isolde,” Oris whispered. She [...]

Class Reveal: Manifest

Kayla was miles from the nearest road, deep within the recesses of an unnamed forest. Her feet were sticky with blood, and the dehydration made it feel like a giant had her head in his clutches. To sleep would have been to invite death, so instead she kept running the whole night through. It should [...]