Burn Watcher – Ryan Eckton

Need inspiration for deck building? Perhaps you’ve been reading about Ivion and are unsure what kind of deck you would like to play? Welcome to the Featured Deck List, where people will be showing off their favorite decks, and give insight on their decks strengths and strategies. Ryan Eckton was kind enough to submit his [...]

Just Good Business – by Jake Dardzinski

It was a great day to make a sale. After weeks of blizzards and downcast skies, Valefall was finally witness to the sun. The denizens of the town at the base of the Crystal Peaks were out in force, trying to get through as many of their daily tasks as they could while the weather [...]

The Hunt – by Jake Dardzinski

When Geir the Giant walked into a town, sensible folk sought shelter. There were many warriors who would relish in the ability to cause such dread by simply being, but Geir didn’t particularly care. His mind was focused on far more important things: the preservation of the Skels; the destruction of the Winter; and, on [...]